Sessions & Costs

Initial Consultation

The process starts with a FREE initial consultation. We sit down and find out about where you are now and what it is you want your future to look like. Solution focussed hypnotherapy is a modern talking based therapy that is looking to form positive future goals. It is backed by the latest neuroscience and the initial consultation gives me the opportunity to explain how your brain is working relative to the issues you are facing. This session also allows you to ask any questions that you may have. Note that no hypnosis is undertaken in this session.

1:1 Therapy Session

Solution focussed therapy is a relatively rapid therapy but obviously depends on the issues presented. For instance phobias can usually be resolved with three sessions following the initial consultation. As a general rule we suggest that a course of therapy is likely to be between six and twelve sessions after the initial consultation.

Each therapy session lasts one hour and comprises a significant element of future focussed positive talking therapy. This will explore where you are at at this moment and then identify appropriate steps to help you move forward towards the positive outcomes you are seeking. Each session will end with a section of hypnosis/trance in which the client is given the time and space to relax and process the aspects covered in the session.


Initial consultation 45 – 60 minutes Free (including Relaxation audio)
Individual 1:1 Therapy Session 60 minutes £60
Six session package 6 x 60 minutes £320
Stop smoking & vaping session* 90-120 minutes £220

*Stop smoking is a one-off session that does not require an initial consultation.

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Presentations & Workshops

I will happily provide presentations and workshops to companies, organisations, clubs etc. These may take the format of a one off presentation discussing, for example, the brain, neuroscience and why we respond the way we do. Alternatively a series of workshops can be provided to support Mental Wellness incorporating strategies for better mental health coupled with an element of guided relaxation – providing staff with knowledge and a “space to breathe”. Feel free to contact me to explore how I can help you support your workforce/group.