Book Reviews

Just One Thing – Dr Michael Mosley

First reviewed on my Facebook page 9th March 2023

Image of book "Just One Thing" by Michael MosleyHere is a little gem that really compliments the aims and processes of solution focussed hypnotherapy. This book is full of simple changes that we can make to our daily lives to live more healthy and happy lives. Many of the suggestions support mental health as much as physical health and they are all based on research and facts and nicely written too.

Making simple changes and adopting new patterns and routines can literally be life changing and this is an easy introduction that we can all embrace. I thoroughly recommend this for you and everyone you know.

Even better….!!!! If you aren’t a reader or lack the time, this book is based on his podcast of the same name that is available on the BBC Sounds app, so you can even get the benefit without spending any money.
Fascinating, valuable and necessary. Enjoy.

SPARK! – Dr J Ratey & E Hagerman

First reviewed on my Facebook page 7th December 2022

If you ever have difficulty convincing yourself to get off the sofa and go and do exercise… this is the book for you! In all honesty, I have been far more motivated to get out and exercise since reading this book, and you will be too.Image of book, "Spark" by Ratey & Hagerman

This book details the inter relationship between our bodies and our brains and in particular how exercise is vital for a healthy brain. The neuroscience and chemistry is all there along with studies proving the benefits and impacts. In places the science can get a bit heavy, but over all it is a very approachable book that takes time to explain the workings of the processes before moving on to detailed assessment of proven benefits related to stress, anxiety, depression, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It then moves on to other areas such as ADHD, many elements relating to ageing, dementia, menopause and more.

The research consistently shows that the more fit you are, the more resilient your brain becomes and the better it functions both cognitively and psychologically. Fitter in body, fitter in mind and this is especially true as we get older.

It definitely makes the case that if we want to help ourselves be fitter, happier and healthier, regular exercise where we raise our heart rate is one of the easiest and most effective options.

Why We Sleep – Mathew Walker

First reviewed on my Facebook page 14th August 2022

There is so much value in this book that I did a mini series of posts with nuggets from it, but for those who have time to actually pick up and read a book… this is a MUST READ!

Published in 2017 it is pretty current. It is written in an accessible way even though it is explaining the science behind the processes. Set out in a logical format, it is a compelling read that will change your understanding of the importance of sleep and make you appreciate the sheer brilliance of the workings of our brains and bodies.

It’s message in a nutshell – we need to make sure to consistently have at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night. Yes the pressures of modern life, jobs, families, etc. may well make this difficult to achieve, but it is also those very pressures that make good and sufficient sleep a requirement if we are to actually live more healthy and have more fulfilled lives.