Self Help

Prevention is better than cure, and there are many simple things that we can all do, to help our brains make more sense of this modern world.

Wellness checklist - happy is tickedIf, as individuals we can manage our stress and anxiety levels better, we will literally live a longer and happier life. Yes, when things get really tough or are too much and you can’t see a way forward then please do seek help from a therapist or doctor as appropriate for you. Many of our modern day mental heath issues are most definitely treatable and you do not need to suffer them and as listed, hypnotherapy can support and help you resolve many issues. With understanding, we as individuals can learn to support ourselves better and enjoy life more fully.


Sleep is a key pillar of our health in general, but also vital for managing mental stress and our longterm cognative health. newborn baby sleepingDeveloping good sleep habits is a massive benefit to you and your brains ability to cope. If you are struggling to sleep, or struggling to return to sleep if you wake through the night, then you need to change something. In the book review section I suggest an easy read to help you learn and improve your sleep regime. Also, the free to download relaxation audio will help you relax into sleep at bedtime.


Life is busy, and with all the best will in the world (and with TV streaming services and social media etc) it can be difficult to find time to read any of the many self-help books now available! I am lucky and I do get to see some of the literature available, and if I think they are useful I will review them so that you can at least have some help in filtering what is there and choose if you wish to read (or listen to) them.


You may not have time to read, but perhaps you have time to listen? There are a surprising number of very good online resources out there and I certainly don’t claim to have a grip on all that is available. However, in general terms I have been impressed with episodes from the following “authors/casts”

Name / Title  Author Description
Just one thing Dr Michael Mosley about 15 min snippets; 20+ episodes; BBC Sounds
Out of Hours Dr Rangan Chatterjee about 30 mins talking with guest; 20+ episodes BBC Sounds
Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett 1.5 – 2hours talking with guest; 20+ episodes; streaming services


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